MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program

How to Become a Provider for the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program

Who can become an approved provider

Professional users of the MBTI® assessment who seek to become MBTI® Master Practitioners are required to successfully complete a minimum of 40 hours of approved advanced training. The providers (faculty) who teach continuing education programs need to have credible expertise related to the MBTI assessment, as well as the topic being presented. It is required that all program faculty be MBTI® Certified (formerly referred to as Qualified), in addition to having MBTI® Master Practitioner status or comparable credentials.

Requirements for program approval

It is important to know that it is the individual program or class that is approved, not the provider or company who offers the program. Programs are to be submitted for review no less than 60 days in advance of the program start date. (Applications are processed as quickly as possible in order to give providers adequate time for advance marketing.)

Program content

What is taught in the program must be related to the MBTI assessment and how it is used. (Remember, the people who register for advanced training are MBTI certified and are typically seeking additional information about how to use type with clients.)

Content of the program(s) being offered should relate to such topics as

  • Application of MBTI type to conflict management, leadership development, personal development, coaching, team building, career counseling, and other important areas where knowledge of type is useful for those seeking the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential.
  • Continuing education specifically related to the MBTI assessment, such as Step II™ or Step III™ training.
  • Programs developed for a specific organizational purpose, such as project management, recruitment and retention, diversity training, etc.
  • Programs on how to use the MBTI assessment in combination with other researched-based instruments designed to assess constructs or variables that are complimentary and not competitive or redundant from MBTI assessment results.

Steps for the Provider to complete before a program submission

  • Create an account through this website
  • Provide the information requested for each program submitted for approval, including MBTI topics and activities to be covered
  • Record the program schedule and format
  • Describe the educational objectives
  • List the number of credits offered, making sure that only actual instruction time is calculated. Note: One hour of instruction equals one Continuing Education credit (CE). One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals ten hours of instruction.

When a program is determined to have met the continuing education requirements

A notice of acceptance will be sent to the provider by email within ten business days. The approved program provider can begin to use the statement, “Approved to offer continuing education credits for the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program.” A logo that signifies this approval is available to providers to help with the marketing of the program.

During the training program

Providers will require program participants to

  • Sign a roster before the workshop begins
  • Attend the workshop in its entirety
  • Fill out evaluation forms for both the course and the instructors

Following the completion of the program

The provider will

  • Issue a certificate of completion on official letterhead that includes the name of the provider, course title, graduation code, date of completion, signature of the authorizing agent, and the number of CE credits awarded.

Programs can be denied, or approval withdrawn

The MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Review Board maintains the right to withdraw approval for programs, either with or without cause. Cases where this would be considered include:

  • Negative feedback about the quality of the content of the program by program participants
  • The content of the program was not delivered as described
  • An assessment to measure psychological type other than the MBTI® assessment was used, or promoted, by the provider

The MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program requires

  • An application fee of $30 for each program submitted for approval, payable by credit card upon the application submission online (An Annual Provider Subscription can be chosen which allows for unlimited program submissions for a yearly fee of $100. This does not include conferences)
  • Conferences will be charged a one-time $75 fee for all requested sessions accepted no less than 120 days before the conference
  • A renewal fee of $30 for previously approved programs is due when renewing for the following year (Or the Annual Provider Subscription for $100 can be chosen for renewal)

Record Keeping

The MBTI® Master Practitioner Review Board maintains the right to audit records and programs. Providers of programs must retain participant records for five years. Reasonable advance notice will be given if an audit is recommended.

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