MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program

Why become an MBTI® Master Practitioner?

As you strive for excellence in your training, consulting, coaching, or counseling practice, the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential lets others know you have achieved a higher standard in your use and understanding of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument.

Accepted throughout the world as the "gold standard" of personality measures, the MBTI assessment is grounded in decades of research with a proven record in the field of human development.

The MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program provides a formalized structure for those who want to be recognized for their MBTI expertise.

The MBTI® Master Practitioner credential sets you apart

The first step towards meeting the Master Practitioner credential requires successful completion of an MBTI® Certification Program. Master Practitioner applicants also need to acquire 40 hours of MBTI advanced training and 40 hours of experience in using psychological type with others.

The advanced course work and practical experience result in a deeper understanding of the MBTI assessment, broadening the skills of type professionals so they are better able to help people:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict
  • Mount a successful career search
  • Maximize their performance in teams
  • Develop a greater understanding of those they care about... and more

Most important, those who attain the Master Practitioner credential know they have worked to achieve a standard of excellence set by type experts, as well as those responsible for maintaining the integrity and excellence of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument.

Increase your visibility

One of the key benefits of becoming an MBTI® Master Practitioner is your ability to be part of a searchable network of experts found on a companion website, the MBTI® Referral Network. This site receives an average of over 4300 visitors per month, all searching for MBTI professionals.

The Referral Network serves as a powerful marketing channel for increasing your visibility as a professional consultant. It provides:

  • An online professional profile that you maintain
  • A built-in search function so prospective clients can find you through a variety of search parameters, including location and area of expertise
  • Inbound links from all the major personality type websites, including The Myers-Briggs Company, Myers & Briggs Foundation, and more
  • Effective search engine optimization means prospective clients will find you!
  • An ongoing Google AdWords campaign to help drive traffic to the Referral Network
  • All that for only $40 per year

In addition to the opportunity to join the Referral Network, you will have the use of the official MBTI® Master Practitioner logo for your marketing materials.

We provide the tools you need to become an MBTI® Master Practitioner

This website provides all of the online tools you need to apply for and acquire the Master Practitioner credential. You can chart your progress towards completion of the requirements through the Professional Experience Log, a tracking tool unique to this site. There is also a search feature for locating currently approved advanced training programs.

Beginning the process is simple — choose How to Become a Master Practitioner and begin your journey to the highest level of achievement with the MBTI instrument as an MBTI® Master Practitioner.