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How to Become an MBTI® Master Practitioner

When you become an MBTI® Master Practitioner you differentiate yourself from other professionals through a credential that validates your commitment to a deeper understanding of psychological type.

The process for becoming an MBTI® Master Practitioner allows you to apply as soon as you have successfully completed an MBTI® Certification Program. After your application has been accepted, you can begin to meet the advanced educational and experiential requirements.

You will also have access to a convenient online way of tracking your progress through the Professional Experience Log, a handy tool that allows you to enter and track the completed coursework and professional experience required for the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential.


Before applying to earn the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential, you must have successfully completed an approved MBTI® Certification Program.

Also accepted as a prerequisite is the successful completion of a Form M based MBTI® Qualification Program that was successfully completed prior to January 1, 2009.

Program Criteria

To earn the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential, you must complete and document the following:

  • A minimum of 40 hours of continuing education (1CE = 1 hr of training) in approved MBTI advanced training programs, classes, sessions, or workshops.

    Note: Only approved programs completed after acceptance into the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program will be credited, with the exception of MBTI® Step II and MBTI® Step III workshops delivered by a previously approved (or current) CE provider. Your MBTI® Certification or Qualification class is a prerequisite to applying for the credential, and CEs from those programs may not be used as part of the Master Practitioner Credential Program's required 40 CE hours. There is no time limit on achieving your 40 hours of continuing education.

  • A minimum of 40 hours of practical application of the instrument as a leader or instructor of MBTI workshops and/or professional engagements in individual or group consulting, counseling, or coaching relationships with clients.

    Note: Only practical experience acquired after acceptance into the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program will be credited. There is no time limit on achieving your 40 hours of practical application experience.

Application Process

To apply for the Master Practitioner credential, those individuals who have successfully met the prerequisite requirement and have read and understand the program criteria (as given above) need to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to the program using the online Application Form, accessible after accepting the prerequisite requirement and program criteria
  2. Complete the online Application Form
  3. Read the Ethical Guidelines that apply to the ethical use of the MBTI instrument and agree to the terms of the program
  4. There is a one time application fee of $250. This fee is paid by you with the submission of your application
  5. Upon acceptance into the program you will begin to document the required 40 hours of continuing MBTI education and 40 hours of using the MBTI assessment in a professional setting (The Professional Experience Log will assist you with the tracking of these requirements)

Note: If for some reason the Review Board does not approve your application, you will receive a refund of $200. There is a $50 non-refundable application processing fee.

Accept Criteria

If you have met the prerequisite and have read and agree to meet the program criteria, click "Accept" and continue to the Application Form.

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