MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program

Practical Application of the MBTI® Assessment

There are three categories of practical application experience that you can use to fulfill your 40 hour requirement. You will use these when you log your experience after you are accepted into the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program.

Individual — This category applies when you have been working one-to-one with an individual or client. Session content can range from a type verification session to a coaching or counseling session that includes discussion related to the individual's psychological type.

Group — Experience in using the MBTI® assessment in groups can range from a group feedback session to a session on such topics as team building, developing communication skills, etc. Typically, this category is chosen when you are using published handouts and materials developed by type experts.

Workshop — This category is appropriate if you have personally developed a workshop that can be presented by you or other type professionals. The workshop content, agenda, exercises, and handouts (if any) must have been developed by you. You can only claim the number of hours presenting this workshop once; for example an 8 hour presentation on a specific type application such as Using Type for Time Management.